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We strive to develop a broad range of innovative annuity and custodial mutual fund account products to serve the retirement and long-term financial needs of Americans. Our mission is to provide financial advisors the products, information and resources to help their clients build a solid foundation for their long-term financial goals, particularly retirement.

We are committed to providing investment agents, brokers, and financial planners not only the right mix of products to help build their clients financial plans, but also the tools and resources to provide them the information and support they need, when they need it.

Sold through investment professionals, we offer a broad range of fixed and indexed annuities and a custodial mutual fund IRA for pre-retirement wealth accumulation and post-retirement income management.

Index Annuity Products

  • Voya Secure Index Five Annuity - a flexible premium deferred fixed index annuity. 5-year surrender charge period and index-linked interest potential. An optional return of premium riders available on the Voya Secure Index Five Annuity.
  • Voya Secure Index Seven Annuity - a flexible premium deferred fixed index annuity. 7-year surrender charge period and index-linked interest potential.
  • Voya Secure Index Opportunities Plus Annuity - a single premium deferred fixed index annuity with a first-year 5% premium bonus, 10-year surrender charge period and index-linked interest potential.
  • Voya Secure Index Outlook Annuity (limited state availability) - A flexible premium deferred fixed index annuity. A first year 3% premium bonus, 10-year surrender charge period and index-linked interest potential.
  • Voya Envoy Nine Fixed Index Annuity - Blend of domestic and international index-linked interest crediting.

Income Rider

  • Voya IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit – optional living benefit that can be added to any Voya™ USA Life Insurance Company fixed-index annuity contract for an additional cost, to provide flexible, guaranteed income during retirement

Immediate Annuities

  • Voya Single Premium Immediate Annuity - a single premium immediate annuity providing guaranteed income for a specified period.

Traditional Fixed Annuities

  • Voya Guarantee Choice Annuity - a single premium deferred annuity offering a guaranteed interest rate for up to 10 years.
  • Voya Select Rate Annuity - a single premium deferred modified guaranteed annuity designed for retirement planning.  This is a registered annuity sold by prospectus.

Custodial Mutual Fund IRA

  • Voya Select Advantage IRA - a mutual fund custodial account designed for your clients’ retirement assets that allows a choice of mutual fund from a list of some of the industry largest fund companies.

Financial Ratings

  • A.M. Best A Excellent (3rd highest of its 15 categories)
  • Moody's A3 Good (7th highest of its 21 categories)
  • S & P A- Strong (7th out of 20 ratings)
  • Fitch A- Strong (7th highest of its 19 categories)

Ratings apply to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Voya Life Insurance and Annuity Company, Voya USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company, Security Life of Denver Insurance Company, ReliaStar Life Insurance Company and ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York, and their General Accounts, and not to the safety or performance of the separate accounts or underlying investments.

At the time of the printing of this material,the published rating(s)were based on the following: Fitch assigns ratings from AAA to C based on a company’s financial strength. A- is the seventh highest of 19 ratings. Standard & Poor’s assigns ratings from AAA to CC based on a company’s financial security. A- is the seventh highest of 20 ratings. Moody’s Investor Service (Moody’s) assigns ratings from Aaa to C based on a company’s financial security. Ratings falling within the "Secure" category are noted by Moody’s as “Investment Grade,” whereas ratings contained within the “Vulnerable” category are noted as “Speculative Grade.” A3 is the seventh highest of 21 ratings. A.M. Best Company assigns ratings from A++ to F based on a company’s financial strength and ability to meet obligations to contract holders. A is the third highest of 15 ratings.

Independent rating services evaluate insurance company financial strength. The ratings relate to an insurance company's ability to meet its claims and guarantees. The assets and rankings of Voya Financial have no impact on the issuing insurance company’s ability to meet its obligations or upon the performance of its products. Ratings are as of July 24, 2012 and are subject to change.

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Voya National Trust is the custodian for Voya Select Advantage IRA Mutual Fund Custodial Accounts. Voya Select Advantage IRA mutual fund retirement programs are distributed by Voya Financial Advisers, LLC (member SIPC), One Orange Way, Windsor, CT 06095-4774 or other broker-dealers with which it has a wholesaling or selling agreement. Annuities are issued by Voya Life Insurance and Annuity Company (ILIAC) (Windsor, CT), Voya USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company (Des Moines, IA). Registered annuities are distributed by Directed Services LLC (DSL). Other securities are offered through DSL. All are members of the Voya™ family of companies.

Your clients should consider the investment objectives, risks and charges, and expenses of registered annuities or other securities offered by prospectus carefully before investing. The prospectuses for these products contain this and other information. Clients may obtain free prospectuses by contacting their financial professional or the issuing insurance company. Clients should read the prospectuses carefully before investing.

Registered insurance products and other securities are offered by prospectus only. To solicit registered insurance products or other securities you must be appointed with the issuing insurance company and be a registered representative of a broker-dealer that has a current selling agreement with the issuing company.

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