The Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary ruling is likely to have a major impact on how you operate as a financial advisor. There are many nuances to the ruling, making it a challenge to understand the impacts fully and prepare for what lies ahead.

That’s why we’ve put together a Fiduciary Ruling 360º video series to help you get answers to questions on your mind.  With this series, you are getting an inside scoop on what Voya’s top legal experts - who have been studying and researching this topic for months - think about various aspects of the ruling.

Pick and choose videos to watch based on topics most relevant to you – or view them all for a complete picture.

The Basics
Learn about the basics of the new fiduciary ruling - what, when and why.
Best Interest Contract
Here you’ll find the best interest contract (BIC) and best interest contract exemption (BICE) explained in plain English.
Rollovers are impacted by the new regulations, so get help on how your rollover business will be impacted.
Answers to questions related to how you get paid for your services – and how the “level-fee exemption” plays into your new world.
The DOL ruling impacts a wide array of product offerings – annuities, IRAs, 401ks, proprietary products and advisory products.