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With a spectrum of fixed indexed and fixed annuities, we can help your clients save more for retirement

Fixed Index Annuities: Protect your clients’ savings while helping them benefit from market growth

Voya Quest Series

Voya Quest Plus Index Annuity – Voya Quest 7 Index Annuity -- Voya Quest 5 Index Annuity

  • A smart solution that offers tax-deferred growth potential, plus protection
  • Diverse spread and cap interest-crediting strategies
  • Optional income rider: Voya myIncome Withdrawal Benefit

The Voya myIncome Withdrawal Benefit

  • An optional benefit that provides guaranteed lifetime income for an individual or two spouses
  • A guaranteed annual withdrawal rate based on age at the time withdrawals start
  • A 6.5% guaranteed increase to the benefit base, compounded annually for up to 10 years
  • The ability to turn on or off withdrawals at any time

Voya Wealth Builder Series

Wealth Builder Plus ∙ Wealth Builder Eight ∙ Wealth Builder Six

  • Upside growth potential with industry leading cap rates
  • Diversification with multiple interest-crediting strategies
  • Protection from loss of principal and interest credited

Minimum Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit

  • Included with Voya Wealth Builder Plus Annuity
  • Withdrawals to generate guaranteed income for life may start immediately
  • Income Stream can be turned on/off when needed

Voya Secure Series

Voya IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit

  • Optional living benefit to provide lifetime guaranteed income that can be added for an additional annual cost to any annuity in the Voya Secure Series
  • 6% Compounding Roll-Up during the first 10 years of the Deferral Phase
  • Annual Ratchet during both the Deferral and Withdrawal Phase
  • Ability to turn income stream on or off at any time until the contract is annuitized

Fixed Annuities: Offer your clients a competitive, fixed interest rate with tax deferral

Voya Guarantee Choice Annuity

  • Guaranteed interest rate for up to 10 years
  • Withdraw up to 10% of the accumulation value after the first year without a surrender charge or market value adjustment
  • 1.5% minimum guaranteed interest rate upon renewal

Voya Select Rate Annuity

  • Choose the length of interest guaranteed period—5 to 10 years
  • Withdraw interest earned during the prior 12 months (and not previously withdrawn) without a surrender charge
  • Multiple payout options

Contracts issued by Voya Insurance and Annuity Company. (Des Moines, IA). Contract Form Series Numbers: Voya Quest 5 Index Annuity - Contract Form Series VI-IA-3147(2015) with Contract Schedule VI-IA-3147(2015)(5SC); Voya Quest 7 Index Annuity - Contract Form Series VI-IA-3147(2015) with Contract Schedule VI-IA-3147(2015)(7SC); Voya Quest Plus Index Annuity - Contract Form Series VI-IA-3148(2015) with Contract Schedule VI-IA-3148(2015)(10SC); Voya myIncome Withdrawal Benefit - VI-RA-3162(2016) & VI-RA-3163(2016); Voya Wealth Builder Contract Series IU-IA-3128 with contract schedule IU-IA-3128(6SC)-A and IU-IA-3128(8SC)-A Voya WealthBuilder Plus Annuity - Contract Form Series IU-IA-3128 with contract schedule IU-IA-3128(8SC)-A and Minimum Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit Riders ICC14 VI-RA-3141, VI-RA-3141, ICC14 VI-RA-3142, VI-RA-3142; Voya Guarantee Choice Annuity – IU-IA-3036;; Voya IncomeProtector Withdrawal Benefit – IU-RA-3059(08/08), ICC12 IU-RA-3059-NRU (01/12), ICC12 IU-RA-3059-WRU (01/12) IU-RA-3060(08/08), ICC12 IU-RA-3060-NRU (01/12), ICC12 IU-RA-3060-WRU (01/12); Voya Select Rate Annuity IU-IA-3096.