Running your business is complicated.  We get it.  Because of that, we offer a program that can help you run a more successful and effective practice.Our Be more valuable practice management program provides ideas and resources to help you create a more valuable financial practice for you, your clients and your legacy in the industry.  The program incorporates industry best practices and offers support when and how you need it through individualized consultations, digital resources and in-person sessions.

To help you focus on what’s most important, we’ve built a program that focuses on six key business areas:

  1. Business management
     Guidance and training for you to create a more valuable business for you, your clients and your legacy
         in the industry, including succession planning supports focused on identifying value
     and building your
         business equity while retaining clients and assets
  2. Sales and marketing
         Strategies, tools and resources to effectively grow your business
  3. Client experience
         Tools and resources to define your service model and deepen client relationships
  4. Financial planning
         Support to build a financial planning-based business that incorporates MoneyGuide Pro®, the Voya
         Retirement Income program, Social Security analysis and other planning tools to serve your clients 
  5. Products and solutions
         Access to retirement, insurance and investment solutions best suited to your clients’ specific needs
  6. Technology and operations
         A robust workstation supported by a skilled operations team to help streamline your business

“Voya's practice management program has been instrumental in my transition from a successful practice to a successful business.  Without this program the transition would never be as far along as it is or may never have started.  I am confident the future of my business is in a better place in terms of client retention, client growth, and the perpetuation of my practice. Voya's program has been a great value-add for my firm and for me.”– Jeff Stein, Stein Financial Group, Minneapolis, MN