Doing Business With Us

We value you as a client of ING Financial Partners. We aspire to be the leader in helping individuals and institutions grow, protect and enjoy their wealth. So, whether you are a new or longtime investor, saving for college or accumulating wealth for retirement, we can help by making it easier for you to invest and manage your money. We offer a wide variety of services, products and resources to help meet your investment needs.

We want to ensure that before you make an investment, you understand your rights and responsibilities, as well as the risk and costs associated with investments. Investing is serious business and investments involve risks that can result in losses. That’s why we developed this valuable information. We believe that providing you the information you need to make sound decisions is the first and most important step in developing a lasting relationship. Please take a moment to read each section carefully. Our firm and your financial professional are available to answer your questions.

Our Firm

As a securities broker-dealer, our firm is registered with and regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). We are also subject to the rules and regulations of the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) and in the state jurisdictions where we conduct business. The chief goals of regulation are to help ensure fair and efficient capital securities markets and provide for the fair treatment and protection of investors.

Our firm fully supports these goals and is an advocate of full and fair disclosure of information to you as our client. We have developed an internal Code of Ethics as well as policies and procedures applicable to our business, and expect high standards of honor and conduct from our financial professionals.

Your rights as an investor

Clients have the right to high standards of honor and conduct from their financial professionals. As an independent contractor, your financial professional has autonomy in managing his or her own business. In dealing with your securities investments as a registered representative of ING Financial Partners, your financial professional acts in accordance with our firm’s policies and procedures and places your interests first. The following is what you can expect to receive from our firm and your financial professional:

  • Courteous and timely service from your financial professional and all other associates and employees of our firm.
  • The ability to select your own financial professional or request a different one if you are not satisfied.
  • Investment recommendations that are based upon our understanding of your financial situation and needs, objectives, investment experience and risk tolerance.
  • Receiving a copy of the current prospectus, and your financial professional reviewing the potential risk, benefit and cost of any investment recommended to you.
  • Timely processing and execution of your securities transactions.
  • Account statements that are accurate for securities that are purchased and sold in your brokerage account(s).
  • Prompt response to any questions or concerns you may have and fair resolution of any problems with your account(s).

Your responsibilities as an investor

You also have important responsibilities when it comes to working with your financial professional. To ensure the best possible relationship with our firm and your financial professional, you as our client and as an investor should:

  • NEVER make any payments for investments payable to your financial professional or to any business name that is owned or controlled by him or her or give your financial professional cash to make an investment purchase.
  • NEVER make any investment in any business or venture that your financial professional is involved in the organization or management of the business unless the investment and payment for the purchase are made and processed through our firm.
  • NEVER loan any money or securities to, or borrow money from your financial professional.
  • NEVER authorize or permit your financial professional to act as personal custodian, executor trustee, have power of attorney or be a beneficiary on your accounts, investments or any personal property you own.
  • NEVER give your financial professional any personal identification numbers (PIN) for any bank or securities accounts, or give them authority or access to transfer money from those accounts for any purpose.
  • Provide complete information to your financial professional about your income; net worth; tax status; investment experience; occupation; age; dependents; investment experience and risk tolerance; and other information as requested. Inform your financial professional about all mutual fund company holdings (including those you may hold in a retirement plan or as part of an annuity). This is to help ensure that you receive any appropriate sales charge discounts you may be entitled to on purchases made through our firm.
  • Be open and clear about your current financial situation and objectives, and contact your financial professional immediately if your circumstances change. To best serve you, your financial professional must be aware of all relevant facts.
  • Assume decision-making responsibility for your investments. You can expect your financial professional to offer more than one alternative for investing. You should evaluate the advice of your financial professional and determine what is best for your personal situation. Also, educate yourself on the basics of financial markets, the nature of risk and other aspects of investing to help you make an informed decision about investment recommendations. It is your responsibility to make decisions about your account and investments.
  • Consider carefully the validity and reliability of investment information obtained from all sources, especially unsolicited information obtained over the Internet. Request and carefully read prospectuses and other materials provided before making any investment decisions. It is important that you have a clear understanding of the potential risks and benefits of each investment you make. If you have any questions about the information, ask your financial professional.
  • Review all confirmations of purchases and sales and account statements and report any errors to your financial professional and our firm immediately.
  • Have cash or securities available in your account at the time of a transaction. The SEC requires that payment for purchases of securities must be made by settlement date, which is usually between one to three business days after trade date.
  • Ask questions. Your financial professional is there to serve your best interests and you should ask any questions about any aspect of your account or a transaction.
  • Inform your financial professional if you do not understand his or her recommendations and explanations. You should not invest if you do not understand the recommendation, explanations, products, services, or risk.

How our firm and your financial professional receive payments for services

Our firm is in the business of providing financial recommendations that result in the execution of securities or insurance transactions, or the rendering of investment advice. In general, our firm offers our clients a choice of how to compensate your financial professionals. You may either pay a commission for each transaction or, under certain circumstances, pay an asset management fee or a combination of both. Our firm retains a portion of the commission and/ or fee, and the rest is paid to your financial professional.

Where you pay a commission for a securities transaction, you can expect full disclosure of that cost. The commission varies by product type and company, depending on the investment purchased. If in doubt as to how much the commission will be, ask your financial professional before making an investment. Where you pay an asset management fee for advice instead of a per-trade commission, you will be charged on a quarterly basis based on the value of your account. In this arrangement, you will enter into a specific contract for investment advisory services with your financial professional and our firm that details the amount of the fee to be paid.

Your financial professional’s other businesses

As an independent contractor, your financial professional may have a business other than securities that is separate from and unaffiliated with our firm. If properly licensed or qualified, your financial professional, under a separate marketing identity, may offer non-securities products and services including, but not limited to accounting and legal services, tax preparation and fixed life insurance and annuity products.

When acting as your registered representative, your financial professional may only recommend products approved by our firm, and purchases or sales of these products may only be transacted and processed through our fi rm. When engaged in the non-securities related outside business activities noted above, your financial professional is not acting as a registered representative or agent of ING Financial Partners and may not be subject to the rules and regulations of the SEC, FINRA and state securities and insurance regulatory bodies, although he or she may be subject to other regulations. You should independently verify that your financial professional is properly licensed or qualified to engage in any non-securities related activities before agreeing to conduct any of these businesses with him or her.

Do not hesitate to contact our home office at 800.356.2906 or write to the attention of the Compliance Department at ING Financial Partners, 909 Locust Street, Des Moines, Iowa, 50309-2899, if you have any questions, concerns or complaints about your financial professional or any product or service offered by our firm.