Brand identity

As part of our team of independent financial professionals, you’ll have access to build on our brand strength. From personalized emails and website builders to advertising templates, you can tap into our brand resources to help promote you and your business.

VoyaMarketing Zone

VoyaMarketing Zone (VMZ) is an easy to use external web site that provides sales professionals with an array of customizable, Voya Financial Advisors branded marketing materials.

  • E-mail and postcard campaigns, letters, seminar invitations and presentations
  • PDF or print
  • Personalized with your photo and contact information
  • Contact list management capabilities, survey tools and the ability to track e-mail campaigns

Turnkey seminars

Educational, professionally-designed seminars you can present to your clients or prospects with Voya Seminar Central or Emerald.

Personalized websites

Choose from a variety of templates, including our branded versions from Advisor Square and Emerald.

  • Leverage the Voya brand as much or as little as you want
  • Provide efficient client services and prospect for new business

Customized ads

Create your own ads.

  • Choose the category, color, size, professional headlines, copy and images
  • Compliance reviewed
  • Sent to you electronically

Voya Life Promo Center

This is a free, online personalization tool allowing distributors to add photos, logo and contact information to hundreds of existing Voya marketing materials.

  • PDF or print
  • Analytics and readership data provided

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