Operate more effectively and efficiently by accessing our technology tool suite, Voya SmartWorks, from anywhere at any time. Voya SmartWorks saves you the time and money that you would spend researching and putting together your own office technology solutions. Organize and integrate your business processes and quickly manage your client data using a broad array of powerful financial technology applications all in one system. Access your clients’ financial account information, create specialized lists, and group them into households or by a particular holding.

With one single sign on to Voya SmartWorks, you’ll have access to many of the tools and applications you use every day such as:


Voya SmartWorks’s robust CRM can help you manage your appointments and set up annual reviews with your clients to keep in touch regularly. You can search for minimum account values and the age of your ideal advisory client to help build your client base from your existing book of business. You can also leverage the proposal tools within MoneyGuidePro to create comprehensive proposals for Wealth Management and Wealth Management Tax Sensitive for use with your clients. Pershing’s NetX360 has a broad range of versatile online training tools, market information, research, alerts and detailed account information including activity, trading, position, annual reports, rate board and more.

Voya SmartWorks offers a comprehensive suite of integrated investment planning tools with cutting-edge analysis and reporting.

The MoneyGuide Suite of tools helps you take advantage of asset allocation, client suitability and full financial planning capabilities, which makes it easier for your clients to understand the value of your services. Create full-color, client-ready portfolio reviews in minutes and incorporate Morningstar® Analysis Reports.

Investment data is at your fingertips.

Wealth management services from Albridge deliver an accurate, single view of all of your clients’ assets. If you sell Voya defined contribution plans your participant data will be loaded automatically in Voya SmartWorks so you can view prior day account balances. Now you have access to the new Client 360 view which combines information from Albridge and PDAB to give you a holistic view of your clients and their accounts.

If you are looking for ways to reach out to prospects and keep in touch with your current clients, we have many marketing solutions available.

Choose targeted, personalized marketing campaigns that you can track from a variety of compliance-approved sources. Create a customized website and increase leads for your business.

Trying to organize your office and reduce the amount of paper and file cabinet space you use?

Streamline your business with safe and compliant document imaging. We offer a high-quality imaging and retrieval system at an affordable price that’s far below the cost of doing it yourself.

Voya SmartWorks can help make new business automation easier.

With Laser App or Voya Forms Wizard, you can automatically send client data from Voya SmartWorks to the appropriate electronic forms, pre-populating many of the fields so you can easily generate accurate, new business documentation. Log into Life Connector to view where your case is in the new business process, view product information and link to illustrations. Or access Inforce Policy Lookup to view details on Voya Life policies currently in place.

And, at the center of this new workstation is an integrated Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

Voya SmartWorks is powered by industry-leader Salesforce.com, which allows you to maximize your time and increase productivity by providing you with a superior CRM system.

You are always in control when navigating Voya SmartWorks.

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