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About Voya Financial™

As one of largest retirement plan providers in the U.S.1, Voya Financial is focused on guiding Americans on their journey to greater retirement readiness through employer-sponsored savings plans for customers in the 401(k) corporate, 457 government, and 403(b) healthcare, education and non-profit markets. Our approximately 47,000 institutional clients represent small businesses to some of the nation’s largest corporations, state retirement systems, hospitals, healthcare facilities, K-12 school districts and public and private institutions of higher learning.

1Pensions & Investments ranking of Defined Contribution plan sponsors, March 2014

Why Choose Voya™?

Approximately 47,000 employers currently select Voya as their retirement plan provider because we deliver the solutions and services that matter most. We honor the trust and confidence of our customers by continuing to invest in meaningful strategies that are designed to help advance retirement readiness for more Americans.

The following services and materials, coupled with Voya’s dedicated, experienced support team and meaningful behavior-changing tools, make it easier for you to grow your business; easier for your clients to manage their plan; and easier for participants to engage. From prospecting for new business to plan installation and ongoing plan reviews, our model serves as an extension of your practice.

Practice Development Support and Services

When you work with Voya, you have access to our proven practice development materials designed to help you build your retirement plan business. These include our client seminar program, which includes a library of client seminars covering a range of financial concepts and topics that are easy to understand, fun to attend and provide your clients and prospects with valuable information. Each seminar includes:

  • Prospecting and announcement materials
  • A presentation complete with dynamic charts and graphs to reinforce points
  • A worksheet to help attendees focus and outline next steps
  • Take away materials to help attendees continue their learning

Ongoing Training and Leading Technology

At Voya, we know just how important good training and networking with your peers can be — especially in today’s complicated and ever-changing financial landscape. We work hard to help keep you up to speed:

  • National Training Conference: Gives you the opportunity to share ideas, network with peers, discuss new products, industry trends and issues.
  • Producer Forum: Monthly conference calls with subject matter experts to provide you with the latest product news, organizational updates, and business-building techniques.
  • Quarterly local and regional training: These sessions can be in large groups, office meetings or individual one on ones to reinforce messages or provide help with your client needs.
  • Self-study online training: Available through our Voya for Professionals website, this training allows you to take required courses, CE and other types of training modules right in your home or office.

We live in the age of computers and technology. Really, who thought you could ever carry a phone the size of a business card in your pocket? To help you manage your day to day business at Voya, here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

  • Advisor website: Everything you need to know and more to build your business and provide solutions for your your fingertips
  • Retail and retirement sales tools
  • Voya Presents: Voya’s innovative illustration software, including our Educators' Financial Analysis tool
  • SmartWorks: Voya Financial Advisors’ one-stop, full-service workstation that gives you up to date information on your clients and allows you to obtain product, sales and market information quickly and easily
  • Laser App System: Voya’s interactive forms system designed to assist agents in filling out the forms you need to complete your annuity and securities business

Thought Leadership and Research

Voya understands that your clients – both employers and individuals – face a host of challenges when it comes to successful retirement planning. Voya is committed to gaining greater insights into the various factors – including emotional and psychological – that affect how individuals save and plan for retirement. Through research, studies, tools and work done by the Voya Retirement Research Institute, Voya is a resource to help advance the state of retirement readiness for more Americans. The Institute’s goal is to turn research into action and develop solutions and tools that encourage more positive savings behaviors for investors.

Sponsorships and community programs

Through the Voya Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Voya, the company maximizes its community impact by aligning charitable giving and partnership efforts with the core financial skills of its employees and by concentrating resources on helping to promote sustainable communities. Through carefully-designed signature philanthropy programs, the company is addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues — financial illiteracy and accessibility to quality children’s education.

Signature programs include:

Sales contests and incentive programs

Voya offers its representatives top-notch incentive programs and sales contests throughout the year. Qualification is based on a number of factors, including your production level, asset retention and selling relationships you choose.

Growing your business starts here!

Now that you’ve seen some of what Voya can offer, what’s your next step?

  • If you are a member of a broker-dealer and are looking to sell products from the Voya™ family of companies – please check with your current broker-dealer to obtain a Voya selling agreement.
  • If you are looking for a new broker-dealer to sell retirement plans, consider Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. (member SIPC).
  • If you are an independent agent looking to sell products from the Voya™ family of companies, call 866-464 –8727 to obtain more information.

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