Our hybrid business model gives you the freedom of offering advisory-based services to your clients as an RIA while keeping your traditional brokerage business and registration with Voya Financial Advisors for commission-based business. For experienced and sophisticated businesses, the hybrid RIA offers the ultimate in flexibility to help build and grow your advisory business.

Why choose the hybrid RIA model?

A hybrid RIA offers you and your business many advantages, including:

  • Flexibility – A hybrid RIA is an ideal solution if you want the flexibility of an independent RIA but also want to maintain a commission-based business.
  • Brand – Deepen the personal brand of your firm and build brand equity and goodwill to attract and retain clients.
  • Personalized solutions – Gain access to many options and a wide range of advice and guidance solutions to design a holistic, personalized financial plan that is best suited for each client.
  • Growth – Market your investment models to other advisors in your business, potentially earn higher revenue than a traditional IAR registration and recruit other advisors to grow your business.
  • Practice management – Leverage Voya Financial Advisors for ongoing support and select the services and technology you need to run your business.

Is the hybrid RIA right for you?

Clients are more knowledgeable than ever with access to around-the-clock investment information and easy-to-use technology. Many clients — especially those of higher wealth — want highly tailored services and customized portfolios from their financial advisors. To meet this demand, you may need both commission-based and fee-based models to attract and serve a wider and more sophisticated client base. 

A hybrid RIA model is designed for experienced businesses with a client base that would benefit from customized investment strategies, the willingness and ability to build a dual registration model, and significant assets under management.

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