Seamless support for your transition.

Transitioning your business is no different than moving from one home to another. It takes a great deal of planning and there are nuances you have to get used to as you settle into your new neighborhood. For the same reason you would potentially hire a moving company to help with the process, Voya Financial Advisors offers our new financial professionals personalized transition services supported by our Transitions Team.

Our Transitions Team is experienced 
in moving any size or type of office. Whether your book of business 
is retirement, insurance, fee or transaction-based or a mix, our team will customize a transition plan specific to your practice.

One-on-one support
We want to make Voya Financial Advisors your last move. Once you decide to join us, we’ll pair you with 
a transition case manager who will work with you to help move your office in a timely manner.

Your transition case manager will spend time getting to know your
 office and introducing you to people who can help grow your business. Licensed individual retirement solution specialists, an advisory service team, senior leaders, product development specialists, market research analysts and business development managers are all available to expand your business-building opportunities.

As you move through the process, your transition case manager is backed by an entire team of specialists whose goal is to make your move to Voya Financial Advisors a success– with uninterrupted service and transparency for you and your clients. This team includes compliance officers, marketing specialists, technology developers, trainers and more.

With a team this strong, Voya Financial Advisors strives to ensure no detail of your transition is overlooked.

Support during transition
We’ll support you leading into, during and after your transition – as little or as much as you want. We are here to help familiarize you with tools, products, resources and procedures, plus provide you with ongoing support for account transfers, operational needs, cashiering services and continuous Web-based training.

We’ll get your business up and running as quickly and easily as possible with customizable services including:

  • An integrated business workstation, including a seamless CRM system for you and your office support team
  • Easy access to marketing and communication tools, like new business cards and stationery
  • Paperwork scheduling and coordination
  • Training programs tailored to your practice
  • Personal introductions to back-office staff
  • Access to our legal and compliance teams
  • Information at your fingertips through our internal Broker-Dealer Center website
  • Unlimited patience, encouragement and assurance

Seamless Transition
At Voya Financial Advisors, our mission is to make your transition seamless. You’ll see that working with our broker-dealer is a business-building opportunity – the perfect chance to reconnect with your clients, offer new services and products, and open the door to conversations about planning for retirement, consolidating assets and growing your book through new referrals. Our transition case managers let you focus on taking care of your business and your clients while we keep things on schedule.