Insights on going independent from our independent advisors
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You’ve thought about it and thought about it . . . going out on your own; setting up your own firm; taking charge of your business.  Sounds great, exciting even.  Then the questions start: “How will I secure enough income?” “What if my current clients don’t come with me?” “How do I set up my own business?”   We hear you and we got you! When you join Voya Financial Advisors, you get an ally who will help you keep your independence — plus the support and brand strength of a financial services leader.  We’re here for you; from taking those first steps to building your own business to managing investment portfolios to everything in between.But don’t just go by us; hear what some of our independent advisors have to say in these interviews conducted by Investment News at our annual Advisor Insight conference.

The 3 biggest benefits of independence
Voya Financial Advisors president Tom Halloran highlights three factors that motivate many wirehouse advisers to choose independence, and discusses what any adviser changing firms should consider before making their next move.
Will my clients follow me when I go independent?
After leaving a large financial services firm to go independent, Alex Dinser worried about prospecting. He found the strong brand he needed at Voya to continue to build his business. Check out his story.
If I build it, will they come?
Financial adviser, Jesus Lopez, was determined not to let his family down when he made the choice to go independent.
Independent fears: Do I have to build my own portfolios?
When Wendy Prestwood decided to become an independent RIA, she worried that she'd have to craft all of her own investment strategies for clients. Learn how her fear was allayed.
Going independent: How will I be compensated?
A former college football coach, Gary Witten took an unusual route to becoming a financial adviser. When he went independent, he worried about how he'd be paid
The challenges of learning how to run a practice
Being an independent adviser means being a true business owner. Holly Kylen shares her concerns and why she ultimately chose to become an RIA.
Where to begin when looking for advisory support, training?
Andre Robinson of Voya Financial Advisors describes some successful approaches to segmenting an adviser's client base, as well as processes for embarking on advisory support and training initiatives.