1 in 5 Americans — an estimated 56.7 million people — will be affected by a special need or disability in their lifetime,¹ while one out of every 10 workers identify as a caregiver to a loved one with disabilities or special needs.²

This group — the special needs community — represents one of the largest demographics in the United States. Although they have an estimated $220 billion in discretionary income, the special needs community is often overlooked and vastly underserved.³

How is Voya helping the special needs community?

Serving the special needs community is a natural extension of Voya’s vision to become America’s Retirement Company®. Voya Cares provides personalized financial and retirement planning solutions to help clients plan for the retirement future they envision and create a lifetime of continuous care for their loved one with special needs.

For financial professionals, Voya Cares presents a unique opportunity to grow and differentiate your business through special needs financial planning.

Meeting the special need for retirement planning and financial advice

Voya Financial Advisors (VFAs) who are a part of Voya Cares provide financial wellness solutions focused on the unique challenges faced by people within the community. Our specially-trained advisors work closely with their clients to:

  • Map out a vision and provide guidance around the steps clients need to take now to secure a healthy financial future.
  • Navigate the complexities of employer and government benefits and how they affect eligibility.
  • Understand the roles and benefits of legal tools beyond, and including, trusts and wills to help support their plans.

How does Voya support financial professionals through Voya Cares?

Voya Cares helps advisors gain proficiency in special needs planning through training, educational resources and support. We’ll help you grow and differentiate your business by providing access to:

  • Special needs planning training and education resources,
  • One-on-one support with creating financial plans,
  • Marketing resources to increase your business reach, and
  • Voya brand campaigns to help you gain traction in special needs planning.

As a specially trained Voya Cares financial professional, you’ll offer your clients a comprehensive service far exceeding finances. You’ll help your clients map out their vision of the future and gain invaluable peace of mind — knowing they’ve taken the steps today to protect the ones they love the most.

Let’s talk about how Voya Cares can help grow and differentiate your business.

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