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With a vision to be America’s Retirement Company®, we don’t just innovate. We innovate with a purpose.

Through The Voya Behavioral Finance Institute for Innovation, Voya Financial is focused on gaining deeper insights into the decisions of Americans regarding their financial and retirement planning activities. The Institute will lead a series of pioneering studies and test a number of novel concepts that could translate into large-scale solutions capable of helping Americans retire better. The Institute supports Voya’s broader mission to make a secure financial future possible - one person, one family, one institution at a time. 

What Makes the
Institute Different?
The Institute’s work will be differentiated by its ability to merge behavioral science and retirement outcomes with the speed and scale of the digital world. By partnering with world-renowned behavioral scientists and academic experts, our organization will be positioned at the forefront of the latest research.


New Insights: Using Behavioral Economics to make the CARES Act Actionable

Featuring Shlomo Benartzi, Professor Emeritus, UCLA Anderson School of Management, and Senior Academic Advisor at Voya


BeFi Conversations: Digital Fiduciaries

Voya CEO of Retirement and Employee Benefits, Charlie Nelson, sits down with UCLA professor Shlomo Benartzi, to discuss the potential influence that digital design can have on retirement savings decisions, and the emerging opportunity that plan sponsors and advisors have to become a "digital fiduciary" for the retirement plan.

The Institute at work:
Personalized participant videos improving retirement outcomes

New individualized videos help plan participants visualize their next steps along their journey to retirement.

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Voya Thought Leadership

Go behind the science and findings of Voya’s thought leaders to get an expanded view of how Voya is using insights to improve retirement outcomes.


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